Driving accidents are one of the most prevalent incidents that kill millions of people each year around the world,however; the distinguishing aspect of Iran is that the trend of accidents is increasing in comparison with other countries. This can indicate the high-risk driving pattern in our country which makes it essential to investigate the factors affecting it.

It is obvious that the type of high-risk driving is different regarding the level of risk and also the drivers’ level of intention and awareness in conducting these behaviors. High-risk driving is part of the individuals’ cultural behavior in the community since it is related to values,habits,attitudes,and other factors. Therefore,the accidents can be reduced if the high-risk driving behavior and its effective factors in a special culture are investigated. Although many studies on high-risk driving have already been conducted inside and outside the country,this topic still requires more investigation.

Therefore,the Eighth International Conference on Reducing Burden of Traffic Accidents will be held on January 31 and February 1,2018 by Health Policy Research Center of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in order to investigate the challenges and strategies ahead in high-risk driving.

- Epidemiological patterns of injuries in high-risk driving

- The role of law in preventing high-risk driving in traffic accidents

- Prevalence and effective factors (physiological,psychological and environmental) in high-risk driving

- Social engagement and behavioral change in high-risk driving

- Socio-Psychological factors of high-risk driving

Important Dates
Conference Dates: January 31,February 1,2018

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 26,2017

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